Windicator app Manual

How to use this app

Windicator app can connect third party API, which may have real-time price quotes and also allow you to trade, currently the app works with a few limited APIs, we are in constant look-out for adding new API.

To make use any available data source, you may have to enter your API keys created with respective API providers. Based on an API types, you can do analysis and trading both.

The idea is in live market you enable a data source, do analysis/trading and when you are done, change back to local data source, do analysis there for the rest of day.

Algorithm features
Main attraction of this app is its algos, alerts and auto trading, algo executes on all loaded symbols as long as app is running, even in background. If the algo generates a signal, app will alert you, you can also do auto trade using those signal, you can either paper trade or with real money.


Functions summary

  1. Real-time quotes and back-fill
  2. Multiple Time frames
  3. Support and resistance line
  4. Ordering/cancelling
  5. Mark to market information
  6. Algorithmic signal – trend follow
  7. Common indicators
  8. Backtest algorithm
  9. Price alerts
  10. Auto trading
  11. Paper trading


App components

Sd card directory
App stores its “not so private” data inside your sd cards /Windicator directory

  1. /data contains OHLC bar historical values and instrument list master file.
  2. /logs contains your trading logs
  3. /debug contain application debug

These files will grow over time, and you should get rid of obsolete files using any file manager program.

Private directory
This directory is accessible under “Private files” in settings menu
These files contain critical configuration files.
Usually these files are not required to touch

If anything goes wrong you can clear application data from android application manager view, this will reset all configuration files to default.

If the application hangs, or unable to fully exit then better to kill it using android application manager, as a simple swiping left action will not necessarily terminate background service

Basic tasks

Change time-frame
Quickly swipe up on an open chart.

Reload back-fill
Swipe down on an open chart, note that this may be occasionally required, when you feel network connection was down, and some bars were missed.

Draw support and resistance lines
Tap and hold, this draws a support or resistance line, you can move up or down to adjust the value. Whenever support/resistance lines are created or moved, a price alert is turned on, this means you get will sound when price cross these levels. To disable this  tap on right panel (label area) of chart.

To remove these lines use main menu option – clear draw

Move chart range up/down
Scroll up/down in price label area ( right most)

Auto trading
When you turn on auto trading for a symbol using main menu, this is linked to a time frame, what it means is auto order forwarding happens only when the symbol is currently on that time-frame,  this is a required behavior when accidentally orders are sent when user changes time frame and that time frame had a signal


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