Windicator app for professional traders

Windicator is a powerful android app for traders who likes clutter-less interface without compromising on features, most importantly it is FREE for everyone. It can connect to accessible market API and let you to trade or analyze cryptocurrency and stocks markets. Windicator is made by traders, for traders, it is not meant to be yet another watchlist app.


This application comes with a default basic trend follow algorithm. It is like an indicator for you to  figure out prevailing market trends. It must never be mistaken as a buy/sell advice from our side, A users is solely responsibility for profit/loss in trades done using this Indicator.

Once launched, app continuously runs in background until stopped by user. While it is running, it keeps executing algorithm, alerts and auto-trade for all the back-filled symbols . It does not care whether they are set to displayed on chart or not, it happens on every tick arrival.

If a server API have only data feed but no trading interface, then you can do still do Paper trading. APIs that have trading support, any symbol can be manually set to send paper trading or real trades.

windicator trading app

Device requirements

  1. Android 5 and newer
  2. OpenGLES_v2 support
  3. Currently ARM cpu only support ( No intel)


  1. Timeframe support
  2. Algorithmic signals
  3. Standard indicators
  4. Auto/manual trading
  5. Paper trading and alerts

Supported API

  1. Coinbase Pro – DATA + TRADING
  2. AliceBlue India – DATA + TRADING
  3. Binance – DATA + TRADING
  4. Finnhub – DATA

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Stability status

Note that, app is currently in Beta stage and may have bugs and crashes, kindly report us if you find any issues. If you have the access to broker/data feed API and want to implement their support inside this app, please send a feature request.

Windicator – algorithms for financial markets

Windicator is our algorithmic trading solution for capital market around the globe. Main idea is to bridge gap between computer driven and discretionary trading. Windicator can quickly implement an emotion free rule based system for a consistent profit.

End to end algorithmic trading solution

Ask a question – what infrastructure you need for automated or supervised trading business?

Data feed… ! No

Trade API… ! No

Intelligent Algorithms… ! No

The answer is You need Data feed, Trade API and Intelligent Algorithms to do that, Yes that’s right you need all three. And here we provide end to end solution so you don’t have to do a monkey business of stitching these components from different vendors.


How it works

Algorithm is a form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). This means little or no hardware requirements from your side, having a smartphone is more than enough!

Windicator engine that runs on the server has modules for data connection, algorithm execution, order management and interface for sending signal outputs to any external client software that connects to it using websocket protocol.

Traders can receive real-time buy/sell signals on his PC / Smartphone to act upon them. Optionally a trader can directly place exchange orders, this requires your broker has a API for data feed and order management.

Web interface shown in demo is just one form of using the service, in reality any websocket driven client can connect with API keys. NOTE that algorithms offered here are not HFT type.

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