Windicator – algorithms for financial markets

Windicator is our algo trading software solution for retail and proprietary traders. It is available as a AmiBroker plugin, it generates buy/sell signals.

windicator signal buy/sell amibroker

Disclaimer: Services described below includes market analysis only to assist you in automated trading, it does not try to forecasts or solicits buy/sell recommendations. Any investments, trades, and/or speculations made in light of signals generated by our services, are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise.

The concept behind making of this algorithmic trading solution is to bridge the gap between technical and discretionary trading, it’s a well known fact that many manual traders who rely on their “not so mathematical” analysis, and are very good at trading decision but lack on programming side, which comes handy in tackling emotional road-blocks and alerts timely of trading opportunity.

No programming required – With Windicator, all those talented traders, will have a relaxing time as to let the algorithm bring them reliable trading opportunity on time and then they just have to decide whether to take a signal or not, this can be based on self analysis. This is also an excellent tool in risk management where you take manually trade entries but exit decision is left to Windicator.

It should be noted that Windicator on it’s own does not constitute a self driven trading system, there will be profitable signals but we do not recommend running it on fully automatic environment, remember to read – how to trade with signals, an informed and experienced trader must make use of Windicator markets signals and combined with his own analysis put a trade order or opt not to do so.

Windicator premium is available for 15 days trial and many free for all indicators to use without. There is absolutely no time required to get the Windicator setup working on your trading PC, No need to program a single line of code, yet you harness the cutting edge fintech, and have it start generating signals in a live markets.

Register an account

  • Create account here
  • Login to your account and download amibroker.conf file
  • You can also find active indicators for your account there.
  • Copy the amibroker.conf file from earlier step inside AmiBroker installation folder

Install AFL plugin

  • Go to this page update links
  • Download AFL( and DLL (librtWindicator.dll) files
  • Place the DLL inside AmiBroker’s plugins folder
  • Next start AmiBroker and apply the AFL file on charts.

Start using it

  • Start AmiBroker and let it connect to our server
  • Select any indicator from parameter window
  • Adjust trade direction and signal sensitivity
  • Login to dashboard & manage your Trials
  • Refer setup guide for more details

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