Robo for AmiBroker and Nest – Auto trade bridge

Windicator trade bridge

Windicator bridge is a trade automation solution for Indian financial markets, it takes the order instructions from charting software like AmiBroker and place order on a trade terminal ( Currently Nest Trader is supported). Windicator orders are executed 3x faster than other bridge, which is a big advantage for day traders who need to avoid slippage losses.

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Try in 3 steps

  1. Create an account
  2. Install AmiBroker Plugin from update link
  3. Install and configure Bridge from update link

order bridge nest

This robo can take all symbol information such as (exchange/instrument/strike etc) from terminal ( if found in watchlist), this means for placing orders you only need to specify “Trading symbol”,  it also supports other mode where one can specify all parameters like instrument type, underlying, option type, expiry product type etc. First procedure come handy to avoid hassles of adding scrip related information every-time, which are error prone too.

Built in paper trading is an excellent tool for traders, who can backtest their algorithm and strategies in live market before placing real orders, switching to paper trade is a seamless process, and no difference will be seen as bridge operates same way, showing you position details and logging trades but orders are submitted inner paper module instead terminal.


  1. Place real orders or paper trades.
  2. Supports NSE, NFO, MCX exchanges.
  3. Fast and lightweight software written in pure C++
  4. Real-time access of trade position and MTM
  5. Use Net position or Admin positions to get MTM.
  6. Log files for keeping track of all executed trades.
  7. Configurable Quantities, OrderTypes (MARKET, LIMIT, BIDASK), MIS/NRML etc
  8. Place order using buttons or from AmiBroker signals
  9. Easy to setup, Windicator.exe, AmiBroker plugin and supporting AFL is all you need


  1. NFCM certificate
  2. Nest Trader 32bit
  3. AmiBroker 32bit
  4. Windows 7/8/10 PC

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    1. Sure Susan,

      If you use nest and amibroker then you can download the demo (from bottom link) and test, send me an email via contact page, to get more information for a full version.

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