Algorithmic trading solution and market Indicators

market indicators

Trade with comfort

Windicator trading package, comes with a host of algorithmic indicators for financial markets, you can select any indicator based on market conditions and personal preference. Typically an indicator can of, Trend follower, Reversal and Range breakout styles.  Edge of sophisticated & complex algorithms can be at your fingertip without any need to code, and one can quickly change/adjust them anytime. Software allows you to remain focused on money management, discipline and trading psychology and leave technical complexities on us.

How to start

If you have NFCM certificate and use AmiBroker for live trading we have a quick to deploy solution, for other platforms, send us your query on email address found here.

  • Step 1: Register an account
  • Step 2: Install AFL plugin
  • Step 3: Start using it !


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